Friday, July 17, 2009

Think I'm goin' INSANE!!!

Two months of stayin' indoor like an idiot really turned me into an idiotic creature!! I regret for being the laziest person on earth!!! WHY ME??! WHY?!! Why am I like this? I asked myself. I doubt that I really know the answer to dat Q..

(A month ago..)
HAHA!! I already finished studying..Let's surf d Internet for any interesting looking job to take..(Surf..Surf..Surf..Found one) HEEYY~~ This looks interesting...lemme try this...(d day of d interview) Okay, we'll contact you later..The result will be out in mid of this month...('s been 2 months..) bwahahahaha~ nahh~ I'm just too damn lazy to do anything for now..Although I don't deserve to be sitting
at home typing something on my blog today..
(Oh mischievous me..where are you?!!) Again..I asked myself..She gone~~~ taking on vacation for d rest of her life..and leaving this note to me..

Dear Dida LAZY,
You've been so damn lazy that I can't afford to look at you being fatter than you are now
HEYY!! I'm not that fat now!!)..I'm really sad to have to leave you especially when you really need me (my impression thinks so..don't ruin this!!) Please look for me in the Land of Hope when you snapped out of your head and starts thinking about your life ahead..It is important for you to grow up to be a more responsible person and put away all those unnecessary <--Do I get this right??...stuff that you've developed big interest thus ignoring your surroundings. I hope you live a good life and really...please...GET BACK IN REALITY RIGHT NOW!!!

d michievous yet enthusiastic you..

GAHHH!!! Oh well...back to being useless..But tonight..I'm trying hard to open the email...there's something important in there...I MUST!!! TONIGHT!!! NO EXCUSE!!!

Just Breathe, ehh?
What if I AM breathing?